Social Media Analysis

Digital Analysis

The data monitored through our tool is analysed to give the end user conclusive results. This analysis is divided into 4 segments. These segments consist of Sentiment analysis, Topical analysis, Competitive analysis and Demographics. Let's take a look at these 4 segments.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    - Sentiment analysis consists positive, negative and neutral topics that give you an idea of your digital presence in the market.
  • Topic Analysis

    - Topics are derived from conversations your friends, fans, followers and connections are having. They are extracted from comments on your activity. This allows you to understand what is trending.
  • Competitive Analysis

    - This type of analysis checks for keywords demonstrating competitive behaviour which helps you gauge your performance in the market.
  • Demographics

    - The data that is analysed is further categorised by geographical location to help companies better identify their target audience.