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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Clipbyte?

Clipbyte is India’s premier broadcast monitoring and analysis service. We have built our reputation as unbiased, credible and independent monitoring service due to our team of dedicated and meticulous researchers.

What media types do you monitor?

We only monitor broadcast media.

What type of broadcast monitoring do you do?

Our broadcast monitoring services covers a wide range of areas – Content Monitoring, Crisis Monitoring, Compliance Monitoring, Sports Mileage, Stock Monitoring and Commercial Certification.

Which networks and channels do you monitor?

We monitor all types of broadcast networks and channels from news and sports to entertainment and regional.

How do I use Clipbyte services?

Clipbyte has two types of subscription models – Retailer and Retainer. In the Retailer model, you pay as and when you order a clip while in the Retainer model, you pay a flat fee for broadcast monitoring with no ‘coverage / clip’ limitations.

Who uses Clipbyte’s services?

Our monitoring services are used by corporate, regulators, associations, NGOs, individuals, political parties, celebrities, governments, FII, DII, HNI, etc.

What is the video format for the uploaded clips?

We upload the video clips in MP4 format.

How much does your monitoring and analytics service cost?

Each organization has different broadcast monitoring requirements. We customize our service to suit your needs. Request a quote or contact us and speak to a customer service representative.

How do I pay for a subscription?

If you choose the Retailer model, you pay as you go i.e. you will receive an invoice on placing a request. If you choose the Retainer model, we have a monthly and a yearly billing cycle options. You can pay direct online through any of our payment partners.

How do I place a monitoring or keyword request?

Log into your Clipbyte account and use the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place a request. Please add all required details to ensure satisfactory request fulfillment. If you do not have a Clipbyte account, you can speak to a customer service representative for assistance.

How efficient is your monitoring service?

At Clipbyte, we are always monitoring. We upload all relevant clips within minutes of broadcast. This ensure you can make informed strategic decisions and respond to coverage immediately. We also send out detailed daily reports that offer insights and analytics.

Do you provide analysis services?

Yes. We offer in-dept analysis services to deliver competitive intelligence to our clients. We use a combination of online tools and professional analysts to collate, measure and generate comprehensive reports that will insights into coverage impact, competitive edge, trends that are reshaping the industry and more.

Who uses Clipbyte’s services?

Clipbyte has a diverse client base consisting of all types of organizations from large corporates to public relations agencies. We even offer monitoring services to channels, sports management companies and the government itself.