Broadcast Analysis

Analyze Your Impact

Understand campaign effectiveness, message penetration, channel performance and more.

Now you can analyze you verses competition, Industry, Issues, Stock market, Analyst, Journalist, Personality, etc. Our customized reports make it easy to understand the Visibility, Image, Tonality, Share of voice, Trend, etc.

Now understand the impact of media in financial market.

Financial media has been influencing and impacting human behavior when it comes to investments and stock market trading. How does then one monitor and analyze the human psychology influenced by the visual news content with respect to an individual, product, services, stock prices that could make or mar the journey of an enterprise or its entrepreneur.

Information Monitoring Research & Analysis

Quantifying the impact of information was never so simple. Using our tool, will facilitate you in understanding the effectiveness of your campaign, its penetration, the performance and the reach of the channels where it was beamed or displayed.

The tool will also take a step further in helping you analyze yourself as a personality with your peers, as well as the opinion of other stakeholders about you and your product and services. The other stakeholders would include industry players, stock analysts, journalists, opinion leaders, anchors that could be measured in terms of visibility, image, tonality, share of voice, trends among others.

Media And Stock Market Analysis

Media And Stock Market Analysis is an online measurement tool to determine the effectiveness of the influence of the news on a particular stock. The tool will effectively capture the trading pattern of a particular stock reacting to particular news within a given time-frame.

The system captures ticker news, references or comments made by the anchor, journalist, analysts, spokespersons or government officials and aid in understanding the trend and the stock market impact of the comment made by anyone of them influencing the trading of the given stock.

The output from the new system will track all business channels in India during market hours. The relevant clips can be viewed at click of the button along with the scrip price and the benchmark index at a given time.