About us

Media monitoring is growing rapidly in today’s business and political world. This form of media is being used as a tool by many public relations agencies and in-house communication professionals to keep an eye on their competitors, to understand campaign effectiveness and message penetration for their products and services.

We are India’s first e-commerce media monitoring portal for television, print, internet and social media.

Our Platform

Our e-commerce portal is a single dashboard that allows users to view and download television clips from 150-200 channels, as they sit in the comfort of their offices or if they are on the move. With this e-commerce portal, many clients can keep a tab on their content. They can also monitor public perception of their product in the industry. They can also be informed of industry trends affecting the business.

Our Mission

Is to take the portal a step forward from the traditional brick and mortar model and the prevailing practice in the media monitoring segment.

Our Goal

The rising investor interest in e-commerce portal follows the rising excitement in this business which is expected to grow 7-fold to $22 billion in the next 5 years.

Clipbyte is owned by Param Digital Solutions Private Limited, a company in the field of developing and maintaining digital video platforms. It is a professional company managed by media professionals with over a decade of experience in media technology.

Clipbyte works with some of the largest television, print and social media companies and our technology helps them drive and measure their digital presence through secure & personalized digital offers.